Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

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Re: Panasonic LX100ii/Leica DLUX 7 for serious travel/street photography?

Gene J. Paull wrote:

So I've read every post on this thread multiple times - the issues remain the same, some love the LX100ii, others point weaknesses - the body sealing would be critical for me.

It's between my Nikon D700 and the LX100ii as what to take. My film (yes, you heard me right) Nikon FE2, 2-3 primes, and 400 ISO film definitely goes - it fits in a very small and old and un-noticeable shoulder bag I've had for years. The D700 - excellent for rough travel and great IQ for my purposes - but, big, heavy, awkward, and a lot to lug around. The LX100ii - everything I need in one package, fits nicely in the inside pocket of a beat-up old denim vest - I'd put it in a special microfiber wrapper. FE2 for film - need a digital backup/safety net. D700 does everything I need and I'm sure of the results- LX100ii makes life a whole lot easier. ????????? Thanks!

Yeah, that’s the problem with the LX100 II - it has a lot of great attributes that make for a good experience and very good image quality, but It also has a lot of frustrations that detract from the experience. But that’s the case with just about every camera out there, right? They all have compromises; you just have to pick the one that works best for you.

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