G9 remote heat.

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Re: G9 remote heat.

jonno35 wrote:

lescrane wrote:

Video or still?

never happened to me shooting stills in High speed mode or any other mode.

Do you think that having the remote on caused it?

Maybe ? I've not used the remote before. The only time the camera over heated before was when I put it in my holster bag after it had gone to sleep , the angle of the shutter button allowed it to get pressed by contact with the bag so it was then live in my bag.

Something, as others mention, must have been "on" and in a repetitive mode.(not just the power. I doesn't matter what your setting are unless something is being actuated..  Now that I think of it, I once packed the camera and something was pressing the shutter release, camera got very hot, and I had a zillion frames on my card.    Short of that, or intentional prolonged 4K, 6k or video,, you should'nt get hot camera or battery.

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