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Re: Sony purist warriors?

Off The Mark wrote:

But why choose the A7C (of all body shapes) to do so?

Fair enough question.

I am pretty sure that Sony wants the a7C to appeal to vloggers and instagramers (think "selfies").

There was a recent interview with the head of Panasonic's imaging business (can't find the video now), and he basically said that for camera manufacturers to thrive in the new world, they are going to have to have cameras focused on "content creation" which means youtubers. So to be honest, I think we are going to be seeing less and less cameras with tilt screens and see more and more with side flip-out screens.

You may or may not remember the craze for high-riser bicycles For kids years ago.  Very impractical for serious riding but ok for kids just doodling about.

I said at the time that when any useful item reaches the end of its development cycle all that is left to sell is fashion.

I suggest that any serious camera these days is quite good enough for most uses and if your needs are specialised then there is still a camera that can be had and no pressing need to make them better.

So if the fashion of the day becomes “content creation” then that is the type of fashion that is going to sell cameras.  I can understand this.  But it is not something that can help sell cameras to me personally.

So I hope for the industries sake that the “content creation” fashion is long lasting. Myself I wonder just where all the watchers of the vast amounts of content created will come from considering our busy lives.  But that is just my opinion I don’t expect others to agree.

The best thing that happened to me was to get involved with the Panasonic GM series (tiny) full function systems cameras.  Can do everything photographically when called upon.  Except fast video.  Have no IBIS, no articulated screen, only a 16mp 4/3 sensor. Basic-as but a true camera and for those game enough to put proper lenses on them are in fact quite capable.  Not fashionable, never to be fashionable? No frills. Easily packed. No update offered, maybe even “no update necessary  .... “? They don’t even have to be your only camera, but I find that they are the cameras that I mostly reach for. My first GM1 is now over 6 years old and is still working well ... no need or pressure to update as there is nothing similar to update it with .... Of course I have GM5 as well - the evf makes such cameras fully working GP cameras.

If I wish an extended session with large lenses then the S1 is the type of camera that does this best as the grip and physical size make it more comfortable when photography is more “hours” then “minutes”. Methinks that six years from now I will also be still quite happy with an S1.

No need to opt for a “content creation” camera when this becomes the primary new feature designed to sell a camera.  This might be the flaw in the corporate reasoning - the hope that “other” new features will sell a product that is basically a video content creation machine.  The emerging desire from non-content creators to discover that their present camera will do everything that they need.

Where then once the perfect “content creation” camera arrives will the industry go next?

High-riser cameras?

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