Low ceiling Top down challenge

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Richard Hopkins
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Re: Thank you

Currantos wrote:

Great suggestions, some of them more 'tinkery' than others. Would prefer 'set it and forget it' type thing rather than the play with it all day with some of them kinda would end up.

Leaning toward making a flat softbox myself, lining it with foil or something similar reflective and just making a side hole and shooting a strobe into the side hole hoping it will disperse enough and not have a horrid hot spot. Might be possible, attaching to ceiling should be easy for a wood frame.

I have seen tutorials online where people made their own custom softboxes due to the unique nature of their project, either subject or space that they were photographing and it's basically a wood frame which is within my technologic reach.

Don't think LED panels are up to the job if I want a flash look, light intensity is not high enough routinely with constant light from what I understand to get best images.

I tried shooting at the ceiling and hoping for bounce but end up with world's flattest most boring lighting that just can't be used for anything serious and contrast is just too low. It would have to be a white ceiling with black walls/floors and right now I don't have access to a black studio like that. Working in a small all white space.

Thanks for everyone's words of wisdom. Learning all the time.

Your DIY idea doesn't sound great...

But try an umbrella first (or umbrella-softbox). For harder light, go for a smallish silver umbrella. Very cheap.

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