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Re: Go large format

Leonard Migliore wrote:

Alphoid wrote:

That seems ideal!

Large format would also allow us to play with tilt, shift, and similar adjustments too.

That's only if you get a view camera along with the lens. That would be a lot of fun but bumps up the cost quite a bit, especially if you want to actually take pictures.

Well, I'm not sure that will be a problem. I can physically move the lens (or perhaps more easily, the camera), and put a dark cover around the whole thing. I don't think it will be too tough to rig something up.

I need to take pictures, but I'm fine taking pictures of just one thing on a lab bench.

I'm a little concerned about f/4.7, though. Used with an u4/3 format, that gives basically infinite depth-of-field in many cases.

Large format lenses have long focal lengths. The one I linked to was 135mm, and that's on the short side for 4X5. I can assure you that you will not suffer from excess depth of field.

Good point. I missed that. Thank you.

I didn't catch the part about using the lens with µ4/3. I don't think you'll find a standard adapter for large format lenses to a µ4/3 camera since they all go on lens boards. So that will be a problem.

I'm sure I can rig something up. An adapter needs to be portable. Here, I can:

  • Stick a camera on a pole mounted to the workbench (or a tripod, if flange distance allows)
  • Cut a hole in a box, and mount the lens inside the hole
  • Focus the lens to infinity, and move the box until infinity is in focus
  • Tape down some kind of stop so I can get the whole thing in the right place again

Or something along those lines.

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