Actual shutter life of D850?

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Re: Actual shutter life of D850?

The D850 is NOT rated for 400,000 only the D4, D4s, D5 and D6 are rated that high. I believe it’s rated for 200,000! So half of what you claimed, but no big deal. Honestly the truth is most go further than the life expectancy, some go much further and well others don’t even make the 200,000. So that’s why it’s not a spec it’s more of possible life expectancies! I’ve seen D3, D4, D5 bodies go for 700,000 or more on the original. The D850 is still getting to the point where we need more data, but I’ve seen them go to 250,000 and above. However I have not heard of one topping 300,000 but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few have. Fortunately it’s cheaper to replace the shutter on the D850 than it is on the D4s/D5. I’ve had to replace shutters before and they are typically $600 for D4/D5 and I believe they are about $330 for a D810/D850!

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