Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Eventually will fade into museum pieces

Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

tesla23 wrote:

Manufacturers are producing everything but cameras and with a strong decline in servicing shops, I wonder where all of this is going?


Besides, let me just share some current prices of some random cameras I’ve seen on German eBay - please remember these are used items with no real idea how long they will last before they croak.

Visit other eBay. In the USA where I live, fully functional popular brand such as Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc, SLR, Rangefinder and Twin-lens Reflex abound for as low as $25.00
My 1961 Nikon F, 1971 Konica Autoreflex T, 1976 Nikon EL, are still in perfect working condition. Unfortunately, my 1980 Canon EF and Canon AE-1 failed prematurely.

contax T2 - 2000$ average

yashica t4 - 350$

olympus xa - 120$

Many Pawn shops here in the USA sell those for as little as just 10% of the price you posted.

That’s just all crazy and will sooner or later go down The shitter.

Repairing mechanical camera WAS my hobby. Declining eyesight due to my age forced me to stop in the late 1990s. I noticed that cameras made before mid-1980 are more durable than those made later. Older cameras use metallic part whereas the newer cameras use plastics or fibers, thus, gears, cams, roller-follower mechanism, linkages are as not as durable.
As much as I like and enjoy analog cameras, to move on to DSLR in early 2000s.
If I were you, I will not loose sleep over the decline of Analog cameras.  If you really like Analog,  shop around for pristine USED camera and enjoy it.

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