Low ceiling Top down challenge

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Re: Low ceiling Top down challenge

tugwilson wrote:

Currantos wrote:


I really would like to accomplish that "top down" look, similar to a lot of beauty/butterfly and even fitness light that sculpts down the sides of the face/body but have low ceiling challenges.

Anyone has any recommendations? Are there flat lights? The light plus softbox take up a significant space. In an 8 ft apartment studio to have a top light 4ft softbox the model has to be pretty much seated on a low stool, so full body not possible.

Anyone has any tips or tricks or anything? Trying to learn here. Thank you

Strip softboxes are quite shallow.

If you are really pushed for space the StobiStrip is a good solution.

If the ceiling is white you can just bounce the light of it, of course.

Bouncing off a white ceiling works well, or stick a reflector up there and bounce off that. Or use an umbrella or umbrella-softbox that can be pushed right up against the ceiling to gain a couple of feet of effective height compared to a normal front-firing softbox.

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