Specific questions about USB/WiFi interference

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Re: Specific questions about USB/WiFi interference

Wifi interference is not uncommon but you need both a dirty device and a long unshielded cable (funtions as an antenna). The FCC stopped testing and regulating RF emissions and has never done a good job in its history, allowing manufactures to cherry pick devices attached to computers.

Most RF comes from computer keyboards as they use a high frequency chip and being plastic there is zero RF suppression.

RF decreases by the square of the distance so at 12 feet it is 25% of the signal at 3 feet. Runninng USB cables of lengths of 3 meters or more could cause problems. The easiest way to block RF from a cable is to attach a ferrite bead where it connects to a device. I bought 10 of them for $9 on Amazon to use with a dirty magnetic transformer used to power outdoor LED lights. The RF from the cables out of the transformer interferred with our garage door openers. Adding a bead to each of the cables from the transformer fixed the problem.

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