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The nice thing about the Rollei E,F,and G models is they had a fresnel screen under the ground glass, this much improved the amount you could see on the ground glass. I too have a 1951 Rollei D and all you can see is the center of the field, probably 75% of the whole image with the edges fading to dark. The f2.8 viewing lens helps with focusing, but you have to be sure of focus, just have to think about it. I don't use the magnifying lens much as mine is a little floppy and I am not sure of where exactly it should be for it to help with the focus, it may be floppy is OK.

I’m not sure if this is what you mean, but the magnifier on the 2.8D (and possibly others) is designed to move up and down a little to cater for different eyesight. It isn’t designed to lock into one position. This may explain the flopiness...

Good luck finding one, and have fun.

I think there is a little confusion here. I know you can put a diopter correction for eyeglass wearers on the top lens #38.

What I'm looking for is a corrected diopter replacement lens for the eye level lens, # 36 !

I'm not sure if it's available in corrections of +1 etc. But a Rollie should cater to users of the #36 lens as well. Don't you think? I'm looking with my unaided eye, placed up to the #36 lens and my astigmatism is killing it for me?

Any help on #36?

That's interesting I have never used that lens and mirror set and I have been shooting Rolleis for 40 years. Reverses and flips the image, not friendly. I am corrected to 20/20 and it just looks fuzzy to me. Have always used Rolleis as waist level cameras. With a good neck strap it just the most steady way to hold them. Just fiddling around with 36, if I pull it back 1/8 of an inch or so seems sharper. But it also magnifies the ground glass, so the view is upsidedown, backward and grainy. But if you want to use the camera eye level, this is your choice. There may be a way to get a lens made corrected for you, looks like 36 is just glued in.

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