ND filter for street shooting?

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Short answers and some homework

BrownBandit wrote:

I shoot with Fuji 35mm F1. 4 for night-time (bars and such), and Fuji 16mm F1.4 for daytime, cityscapes, landscapes.

I recently ran across this quote:

"Slap on a 3 stop ND filter for great street photography"

I'm guessing that an ND filter will lower my aperture allowing for better bokeh?

Yes.  Bokeh is not the right term, but I know what you mean.

What advantages should I expect to see with daytime shooting with a 3x on my 35mm? And will it cause more blur?

What would be the sweet spot? 3x, 6x, 10x?

You should do the math yourself.  Take a properly exposed shot with your Fuji in manual mode.  Then dial the shutter down 10 full stops.  That's what a 10x ND would produce.

or.  read this


While I have you, and am firmly rooted in the Beginner questions section:

The other day I did a photoshoot with my GF. I was using the 16mm F1.4 and I assumed I wanted as much bokeh as I could get (inside portraiture). I set the aperture manually to F.14 and it was a huge fail.

A full 75% of my photos were blurry. I had everything else set to auto. Is it possible that by not setting the aperture to A that caused the blur? It wasn't camera shake or model movement.

Anyway, my inexperience makes me wonder if an ND filter would only increase the issues.

Blur is not what I would have expected.  You might want to spend more time with your user manual.

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