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David Lal wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:


Hallo mij even voorstellen ben een vlaming van 70 jaar en nieuw op jullie forum mijn naam is Gilbert.

Heb een vraagje ,ben nog in bezit van Canon FD lenzen weet iemand of die te gebruiken zijn op Fuji XT20 Een met welke koppeling?

Per my PM to you, please use a translation utility before posting here since English is the standard language used to communicate in this forum.

Thank you in advance.

[Oh no!]

Jerry, waar staat dat in de forum regels geschreven? Je hebt recentelijk gezegd dat dit een internationaal forum is.

Ik begrijp Gilbert heel goed.

[Jerry, where is that written in the forum rules? You have yourself recently stated that this is an international forum.

I understand Gilbert perfectly.]

David, it is an international forum because we have participants from all over the world.  You only need to scan the posts in the forum for any length of time to realize that English is the standard language used to communicate here.  At the very least, it would be helpful to translate non private messages written in a different language for the benefit of what I suspect is the majority of forum members who might not be multilingual.  it's a matter of courtesy, nothing more.

I'm glad you understood him perfectly.  Now, let's see what percentage of people who are participants here would necessarily share that ability.  Again, the idea of the forum is to communicate to a broader audience.  For better or worse (as is clear from simply scanning the forum), English is the de facto language used when posting here.

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