ND filter for street shooting?

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Re: ND filter for street shooting?

BrownBandit wrote:

I shoot with Fuji 35mm F1. 4 for night-time (bars and such), and Fuji 16mm F1.4 for daytime, cityscapes, landscapes.

I recently ran across this quote:

"Slap on a 3 stop ND filter for great street photography"

I'm guessing that an ND filter will lower my aperture allowing for better bokeh?

What advantages should I expect to see with daytime shooting with a 3x on my 35mm? And will it cause more blur?

What would be the sweet spot? 3x, 6x, 10x?

While I have you, and am firmly rooted in the Beginner questions section:

The other day I did a photoshoot with my GF. I was using the 16mm F1.4 and I assumed I wanted as much bokeh as I could get (inside portraiture). I set the aperture manually to F.14 and it was a huge fail.

A full 75% of my photos were blurry. I had everything else set to auto. Is it possible that by not setting the aperture to A that caused the blur? It wasn't camera shake or model movement.

Anyway, my inexperience makes me wonder if an ND filter would only increase the issues.

Using an ND8 with wide apertures could help avoid overexposure on bright days when the shutter speed would need to be beyond the maximum. You would still have 1/500th or faster. It can also help achieve the synch speed with flash.

3 stops is enough to blur moving water at narrow apertures, so it is versatile.

I don't see what real purpose it would serve for street photography. It won't prevent camera shake or motion blur. It would make it worse.

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