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Thanks and I am glad that for you and others it is a non issue. I bought my 16-55 in Dec 19 and other than the hood it is a superb lens. My hood is just okay to mount, but it simply will not reverse mount. So much so that I am thinking of buying a third party screw in hood. Very disappointed in its design.

You do know that it reverse mounts at 90 degrees relative to how it forward mounts?

Hi Erik, yes, I am aware of the placement of the white dot for putting the hood on, which is stiff, but do-able, and that the large petal must be at the 12 O'clock position to start the reverse procedure. It is virtually impossible to place my hood in reverse for storage and I do not force it as I do not want to place undue strain on the lens mechanism. I am still of the view that this cannot be right.

Obviously, somethings wrong, but it's not the design of the thing. Mine literally couldn't work any better - easy on and off (including reversed) with no play and a nice solid click when it's in position. Take a really close look under magnification, there must be some plastic flashing or something that's causing you grief. The original plastic hood for my 56mm is loose and crappy, but this one couldn't be better.

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