D850 and GPS

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Re: D850 and GPS

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Thank you everybody for your replies!

I very much like Calson's solution, too, because it doesn't use the camera's battery. Holux does not appear to be available anymore, but other devices may do the same. I agree, it would have been nice if GPS were built-in. Perhaps, there is not enough request?

For a moment I was about to buy the GP-1A, as the local camera store has one for sale second-hand, but reviews on B&H do not seem very promising. Now it will be either Calson's solution or the Solemeta.

The Solmeta GMAX that I have uses it's own internal battery then will switch to the camera battery for power when exhausted.

Thanks, that looks perfect! It is probably the N1 or N2, as the N3 uses the camera battery, according to their website?

GMAX for Nikon camera

Thank you very much! Had not seen this model. I do like the cable is replaceable and is spiralled.

Need some time to think about the different options

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