How much editing is acceptable?

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How much editing is acceptable?

I'm pretty sure this topic has been brought up many times here, but how much editing you think is acceptable for you in landscape photography?  To get the discussion more concrete, here's three images of the same tree, shot from almost exact same spot but on different days, sometimes weeks apart (I don't have a great choice of locations during the corona lockdown here). The parrots are 'true to life' and are always there but I copied the same parrots from the first image to the second and the third. You can call it 'time blending' but it's extreme time blending.

Which one do you like the most and would you do the same with your images providing

a) all the elements of your image are shot on the same location at the same time, maybe minutes apart - exposure blending, panorama, focus stacking,

b) all the elements are shot on the same location but under different conditions (time blending like these images).

c) the elements are shot by yourself but on different locations

d) some elements aren't shot by yourself.

Disclaimer: I mostly do (a), very rarely (b) and maybe once (c).

By the way, because this topic is about editing, C&C would be appreciated, and you can reedit and repost any of these images into this thread.


More Parrots!

Even More Parrots!

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