Switching from Canon 6d to Sony A7, needing advices about adaptor

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Re: Switching from Canon 6d to Sony A7, needing advices about adaptor

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I'm sorry if this kind of thread already appeared many time. If so, please be kind to inform the links and I'll check them out.

I'm currently using a Canon Eos 6d.

I would like to switch to a mirrorless, fullframe. My use is only photo, I dont use video.

I think a Sony A7iii would attend me, but having a low budget, I would like to switch progressively using this new body with some Canon lenses.

Could any one advice me regarding about the best adapter in that case (specifically Canon EF lenses to Sony E-mount)?

Thank a lot.


I recommend you to go for the RP.

The first gen A7 is pretty slow focusing with native lenses, and it’s even worse with adapted lenses. The RP is much much faster, and your Canon lenses will work on it as if they were native RF lenses.
the EOS RP also has a better screen, better high iso performance, better colors... The A7 is better in DR at low isos, but for the rest...

While I tend to agree with the suggestion to stick with Canon, the OP specifically mentions the A7iii not the first Gen A7.

My bad, I read it wrong.

The A7III has a great sensor and great af system, and adapted lenses work well enough (except for video) although not as good as in Canon mirrorless.

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