Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

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Re: Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

eFilm wrote:

D Cox wrote:

I think there are too many forums on DPR already.

Indeed, and not only that, many fading niche forums don't seem to last outside this platform, either. Not likely worth the effort.

I remember stumbling on a couple of 'serious compacts' forums back in 2011-ish, when such cameras were still 'a thing.' I just took a quick look to check the current status and sure enough, all/both of them seem to have either gone or renamed and repurposed for something else since then. Including a former Ricoh-centric site.

Looks like there simply isn't enough momentum to support a lively forum based on a small niche like large(r) sensor compact and fixed lens cameras. If you really want one, you might as well start your own FB group or join an existing one, if you find one.
Or simply carry on using and enjoying your camera(s) offline.

I'm not so sure about that. Selecting a couple of forums that didn't survive doesn't mean such a forum couldn't do just fine here on DPreview.

I don't agree that there are "too many forums on DPR already." Without a lot of forums, the Sigma Camera Talk forum would have never existed, and I find this forum to be quite interesting and informative. I'm really glad it's here. The Internet seems to be all about niches, and despite my initial comments, I think a niche forum like a fixed-focal-length lens compact cameras forum might be a good idea. It could end up with hundreds of regular readers and dozens of people who regularly contribute comments and photos. Thousands of people might benefit from it, and isn't that one of the main reasons why forums exist?

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