Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

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Re: Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

Lukacs85 wrote:

I like fixed focal length cameras, however I don't see a piont in Leica Q. You can always put a 28mm lens on A7rII for third the price.

If you did that, you wouldn't get a leaf shutter, so you would not have the equivalent of a Leica Q. Neither would you have a super-compact camera with a high-end 24 MP sensor and a high-end viewfinder. Besides, to stay up with the times, the new Leica Q2 has a 47 MP sensor! (actually 50, but it makes 47 MP photos) Good luck finding that in a small body. The Sony A7r IV is the only thing that really competes with that, but it weighs much more! The Leica weighs 734 grams, including the lens and battery. The Sony weighs almost that much with no lens! The Leica is smaller than the Sony in height too. Sure, with the Sony you get a few more megapixels and a tilt screen, but both have image stabilization, which the Sigma DP cameras do not, and they are both capable of excellent quality high-ISO shooting, which the Sigmas are not (unless you're shooting in monochrome). Still, the Leica has the leaf shutter, like the Sigma DP and dp Quattro cameras, but the Sony does not.

It seems to me the Leica, with its built-in f1.7 lens, is probably an almost perfect compact, high-resolution camera, and an upgrade in many ways from the Sigma DP1 Merrill for street shooting, having around for shooting family photos, etc. I mean the Leica Q2 can shoot at 20 frames per second! That's CRAZY! And at $5,000 it's expensive, but not THAT much more than the Sony with a good lens. I bet the Leica Q2 is selling like hot cakes. Supposedly the Q was "hugely popular" (according to DPreview).

BTW, the lens on the Leica looks to be excellent. From the review:

"For anyone with concerns about whether the end result really is '28mm,' we can offer some reassurance on that front, too. We tried shooting the Leica side-by-side with the Sigma Art 28mm F1.4 and the Nikkor 28mm F1.4. However, the Q2's lens gives a slightly wider angle of view than either of these other 28s, which made it difficult to examine corners of the Leica's output.

The Leica also appears to be a flatter field of view than either lens: giving a more consistent result across the image than we could achieve with the other two lenses. Overall, we were impressed by the results, despite how seemingly alarming the partially-processed images look."

RX1 is small, no other FF camera get close with 35 f2 lens. Ricoh GR is the only pocetable camera with big sensor. DPm's are small bricks with unique texture rendering, DPQ's are the cheapest lightweight cameras with exceptional low iso IQ. X100V has a quite advanced pancake lens to have IQ and portability.

Of course I also have a temptation to own Leica Q, but it's not irreplaceable with a good ILC, instead it's some kind of elite, minimalist and overpriced camera.

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