ND filter for street shooting?

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Re: ND filter for street shooting?

No answer to your question, food for thought:
As long as you struggle with your vision of an image - how, what, where, and when to use which setting - an extra addition of a factor won't get you where you want to get.

This is my view on what you posted ....

In other words, try to understand the "how, what, where, when certain setting" will, or will not, work in relation to your view of an image.

Tools - use of filters, flash - are not always the answer to a particular vision.

You can get started with a vision of another, but do not apply it as your vision, be creative in this.

Perhaps you should delve a little more into the use of filters to arrive at answers than asking questions about what a certain filter has for effect.
That way you are reasonably prepared for the meaningful and less meaningful answers by others.

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