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A bit more advanced

I think they kids get focal length and (roughly) aperture.

I'd like to do some things which are a little bit more advanced: for example, it'd be nice to put in an aperture with a different shape (cut out of a piece of paper), and see bokeh balls. Or one with two holes side-by-side. And then talk about PSF and code up something along those lines. Or that sort of thing.

If you really want to take it apart, buy the cheapest you can find and some tiny screwdrivers.

A lot of lenses require specialized tools, or have tons of parts which are really hard to reassemble.

  • I have a few CCTV lenses at home, which I have no chance of opening. I think they might be glued together? I'm not really sure, but there are no exposed things I can turn.
  • Minolta lenses I've opened for cleaning required spanner wrenches and things like that. In all cases, it was a super-involved process with fine parts (it doesn't help that they have AF, electronics, and all sorts of fanciness we don't really need for this).

One of the points is you want to do these sorts of things quickly, so it's not a one-hour operation each time you want to tinker with something.

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