4K HQ (HEVC) Workflow & Experience

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Re: 4K HQ (HEVC) Workflow & Experience

Nvidia hasn't changed anything in the HEVC segment with the new cards, they support hardware encoding & decoding of H265/HEVC, 4.2.0 & 4.4.4 but not 4.2.2 apparently, its a weird quirk, as to be fully compliant for 4.4.4 you also have to support lower iterations such as 4.2.2.
Not sure what is possible physically but either Canon for the R5 have to release a firmware up the depth to 4.4.4 or downgrade to 4.2.0 or Nvidia have to try to release a firmware to cover 4.2.2, unfortunately I don't think either will so either R5 users have to use 8bit, proxy/transcode their files, unless there is a way of tricking the cards to assume the footage is 4.4.4 or 4.2.0 without long re-encoding, maybe by changing the file headers. Though I have no idea whether any of this possible,.

I think the new generation of Apple silicons have 4.2.2 built in hence why the ipads can playback and edit the files without trouble.

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