GR III - overheating - caught on video

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Re: GR III - overheating - caught on video

telemach wrote:

Tungsten Nordstein wrote:

From the video it says 'My camera is turned on for 7-9 hours'.

And I think we see in the experiment picture every ten seconds for over ten minutes.

I'm not sure how typical these examples are for most users here.

I am happy that you noticed I wrote in the video that doing timelapse is just for testing purposes to accelerate showing up problem because it would be very hard to have someone follow me for 40 or 90 minutes and recording my Ricoh and it's parameters while I shoot. Video part 4:53

In the test, you could set the camera to shoot every 50s for those 40 or 90 minutes to match your real-world scenario, perhaps? Whatever frequency matches your average shot rate.

I can certainly see that this is not the camera for long duration interval shoots or for the extended period always-on style of use that you prefer.

it is really interesting why on earth they implemented intervalometer if they knew camera is prone to overheating

Yes that's a mystery. Maybe it works better with a longer interval or over a shorter time span?

Maybe you could work out the optimum interval time that gives the camera a chance to work whilst retaining safe operating temperatures?

maybe you can do your own test and we can compare results; I don't have to do timelapse to get camera overheat and I sure do have other videos with overheating recorded in real life scenario but only minutes before it happens without 40-60 minutes prior to that fact

I'll keep an eye out for overheating, but I've not noticed any problem in my normal use.

I can see that the overheating in your camera feels bad to you, but I do think it's worth noting what was said earlier about fast start-up times in the gr3. I presume that whilst you keep you camera on for 40-90 minutes, you are not holding it up to your eye-level during that time (?). So, I held the camera (switched off) at arm-down level and then sumultaneoulsy switch the camera on and raised it to eye-level. The camera was fully on and operational by the time it had reached my face-level. I can't help thinking that this would be practically as good as keeping it always-on on for 40-90 minutes - unless you have a special shooting style that you have not yet shared with us.

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