Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

Despite what others have written it seems you are unwilling to shift your position. Okay, so let me give you some facts.

I just searched ebay for recently sold film cameras and out of the list of 32,000 plus I filtered it to the first 1000 sold at the lowest price. Not one of those sold for more than £5 and that included SLRs and cameras from Nikon and Canon. But okay the most expensive one sold for £7000.
I could have done that for many different objects cars, digital cameras etc but the point is that in all those 1000 there were some real bargains to be had.

I have bought around 20 this year mainly through auctions (not ebay) where I can inspect beforehand and out of those perhaps 3 have problems and the rest are serviceable. On average they have cost me £10 per camera. Some are in great condition and I have had 3 CLAd with no trouble at all to find the expertise here.

The oldest is over 90 years old (1930s) and is still capable of producing an excellent 6x9 negative as it’s totally mechanical and gears and cogs tend not to fail as much as electronics often do.

Remember that whereas in a digital camera the sensor is of major importance in a film camera it's the film and not so much the camera although the lens is also critical.

The main worry I have is not keeping these cameras working but the availability of film and processing labs. Now that’s another story.

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