Appel Photos Woes

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Appel Photos Woes

So...I thought I'd move everything over to Apple Photos, consolidate all my old Aperture ad iPhone libraries, etc. All great in theory but when I was done the library was huge and Photos was crazy slow.

So now I want to reverse course and make a new library just for the recent stuff and use the existing library as an archive. The existing archive was set to download full res copies to my hard drive--set months ago.

So I created a new library and made that new library the iCloud library.

Problem #1: It wants to download the whole old library from iCloud into the new library. Duh! Of course. I need to delete the whole iCloud library on another device so that it exists only in the non-iCloud library (and in my back-ups) and the new library can start fresh. Ok...

So, Problem #2, when I open that old library, just to check to make sure all is well before I delete the iCloud images, it says "

This library contains items that need to download from iCloud Photos.

To download the complete library, delete the incomplete items, then set this library as the System Photo Library in Preferences and enable iCloud Photos. This will disable iCloud Photos on any other libraries.

What is there to download? Is there a way to get a listing? What should I do to move forward while ensuring there is no data loss?

Sigh. I still miss Aperture....

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