Question of Model Ethics

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Re: Question of Model Ethics

mamallama wrote:

What am I missing in the conversation? From the original post I did not get the impression that he was buying the lingerie. I read that her rate was X without lingerie and 2X with lingerie. And the double rate was for her buy some lingerie. He chose the 2X rate and she bought some lingerie.

She buys the lingerie and he pays the rate.

Correct, originally I wasn't buy the lingerie because she said she was going to be getting a brand like Agent Provocateur(AP).  AP is very pricey so the additional money agreed upon wasn't going to cover the full amount but rather around 50% of the total cost.  What she ended up doing was going to a lesser, cheaper vendor and getting two sets (when only one was requested) totalling around 95% of the additional payment.  Had I known this I would have have opted for the option that offers have already suggested; that is, buy it myself which would have also worked out cheaper as I would only be buying one set.

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