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Re: Question of Model Ethics

Inappropriate for any normal model particularly if you paid for their services.

I find it odd that is a model would not have their own nominal lingerie particularly if they do any significant amount of shooting. If the model wants extra money to purchase lingerie and do you think is appropriate it would be your responsibility to go to the lingerie shop with the model and choose the lingerie that you would like to see. The lingerie is then obviously in your ownership.

The only time I would pay for model Services is if the images are for a commercial spread. For any creative shot I shoot only tfp. None of the ladies in my gallery were paid no matter what the shooting content was from Fashion to nudity.

I do have a small reasonable supply of clothing and of lingerie that I occasionally use. For a while I used to enjoy shooting the 1920s and have three or four appropriate outfits that I picked up from a costume shop. Reuse of wardrobe it's not a particularly good idea because that means you might get two or three different shoots with the same wardrobe. This does not work well with models since each one wants to be unique and not a cookie cutter girl.

Organizing wardrobe can often be an awkward endeavour since many models are not particularly fashion conscious. I am Fortunate in that I have a couple of wardrobe designers that I work with

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