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David Lal Forum Pro • Posts: 12,411
Photography cupboard

Bill D 1964 wrote:

Having 3 bodies and 8 lenses they obviously won't all fit in my backpack nor do I need them all for every shoot. Like to know how everyone stores their "excess" equipment when not being used and is there a best method. I'm thinking Pelican case. Your thoughts?

I have a dedicated 'photography cupboard' in which I keep lenses, bodies and other items in the padded bags and pouches with which they came. If the items came 'bare' I use plastic freezer bags (meant for food). Cables, batteries, connectors etc. are in wooden boxes in the cupboard.

As for carting stuff around, it is rare for me ever to take more than one camera, one lens and one flashgun, all of which fits in a modest, padded camera case.

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