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Re: Hard time figuring out a system to get into..

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Coming next wedding season (pandemic allowing), I plan on becoming a semi-pro, as in, 2nd shooter to a professional event photographer friend of mine (of course with compensation). Which means its time for a big decision on a system to invest in. My budget is obviously not unlimited and essentially going for the 1.5-2k models out there. I should note that I'll be doing something like 70% photography and the rest videography and mostly daylight social events, mostly weddings.

For the last month or so I've tried hard to decode the various systems and figure out which route to go but I've narrowed it down to essentially 3 options.

A7iii, Z6 and X-T4. Coming fresh with no lenses at hand to sway me towards a system. I will be getting an option with a kit lens.

A7iii, pros for me are the battery life, dual cards and huge selection of lens. cons are the screen/EVF combo, ergonomics and shooting process in general, worst kit lens of all 3 (the 28-70 f3.5-5.6) and worst IBIS of all. Initially I'd pair the kit lens with a 50mm f1.8 and and 85mm f1.8. Unfortunately A7iv is apparently far away in the horizon so I don't expect any price drops here.

Z6, better video than A7, comparable image quality, better ergonomics and build quality, better screen/EVF, I don't mind initially using cheap F mount primes with FTZ, possibly the best kit lens (24-70 f4). cons would be single card / expensive cards, lack of a proper grip, worst autofocus (but not by much imo) and the thing that worries me the most is nikon's commitment to the body (firmware etc). Like with sony, I'd pair the kit with a 50 and 85 (f-mounts) and down the road swap to Z. Rumors points to an imminent Z6s refresh which might drive Z6 price down.

X-T4, best video of all, good EVF, good flippy screen, I love the ergonomics (though with a grip extender), awesome collection of affordable primes, above average kit lenses (either the 18-55 f2.8-4 or the 16-80 f4, good autofocus, excellent and proven support down the road from fuji. I shoot raw and film simulations are nice to have but not fussed about em. I'd pair the kit with the 35mm f2 and the 56 f1.2 (or possibly the new viltrox). Down the road I'd quickly add the 23mm f2. The obvious con here is the sensor size.

So, what do you guys think? I understand that no matter my choice they are all awesome cameras for the job. Which is kinda why this is such a touch choice.

To be honest I'd also consider R6 if it was cheaper and I might consider the panasonic S5.

Thanks in advance!

I have one BIG question first, will you be using a gimbal? If not, i wouldn't recommend any of the above. If you are doing paid work, yes, you MUST get twin card slots, cards do fail sometimes and dual writing is just mandatory just in case. But the A7III IBIS is pretty bad, HERE is a video comparing it to a GH5.

Which poses a problem as the Z6 only has one card slot? The Fuji has IBIS and very good video IQ but be careful what lenses you use, many of them are pretty bad for video AF. If you like the Fuji, go look up CAMERA CONSPIRACIES channel, he's done a lot of testing with Fuji video with various lenses.

I've only recently got into heavy video and i passed up an M6II as it had one card slot and no IBIS, and an XT30 as it had no IBIS. XT4 was more than i was spending.  I bought an EM1-II and it does everything i need very well, YMMV.

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