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Re: Cheap Nikon! Hoods, Rear Caps, & Lens Cloths/Pouches

msu79gt82 wrote:

The Kit lenses do not include Hoods, [authentic] Rear Caps, or Lens Cloths/Pouches.

Using Nikon Online MSRP values:

DX 16-50: HB-40 ($26.95) + LF-N1 ($4.50) + CL-C4 ($17.95) = $49.40

DX 50-250: HB-90A ($41.95) + FL-N1 ($4.50) + CL-C1 ($24.95) = $71.40

No doubt they could have included these accessories, but I venture to guess that they would have had to charge an additional $100 for the kit.

Again, my guess is that research shows that few consumer users swap out their lenses that much, and thus don't really care about the rear cap.

Personally, I hate the lens pouches they ship with the z line-up. Hell, even the f-mount lens pouches, which at least pulled closed and offered some degree of protection, I guess, were pretty worthless.

I'd rather Nikon saved the money and excluded sending these new pouches with all of their lenses, personally. A waste of resources if you ask me.

OTOH, I've bought lenses used that came with the cheap plastic cap, and so have purchased some of the nicer caps at a local camera store. Pretty inexpensive, and something I don't mind shelling out $5 for.

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