Anybody using multiple M bodies to avoid lens changes?

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Re: Anybody using multiple M bodies to avoid lens changes?

thunder storm wrote:

lumenite wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

Changing lenses is part of the fun for me. And if i don't want to change lenses i can do a lot with just the ef-s 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 and sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 on my M50.

For me that's a better set up than 2 M bodies and 4 M-lenses.

I am always wondering how sigma 18-35 performs.


Your praise for 18-35 reminds me of sigma trio: 16, 30, and 56 1.4.

If you bring 18-35 with you, why are you carrying 15-85?

- Because it has 15-17mm

- Because it has 36-85mm

- Because it has these focal lengths readily available without the need of changing lenses

You must be a zoom person!

- Because it is stabilized. For some pictures it's better to gather more light with a larger aperture (when you don't need or even want a large DOF, but you do need a fast enough shutter speed), and for other pics it's better to gather more light by using a longer shutter speed (because you need all the DOF you can get and the subject doesn't move (so much) anyway).

I mean, something like 50 1.8 or 85 1.8 sounds better to me.

That's nice to have, but it's certainly not a replacement of a stabilized 15-85mm zoom.

Which one do you prefer: 18-35 or 15-85?

I really want to have both on M. But if I'm forced to sell one it would be the 15-85mm as i prefer a flexible aperture over a flexible focal range, and the Sigma is simply sharper.

Most of the time i do need a faster shutter speed, and a larger DOF is only needed sometimes. And with the 15-85mm you have to step back to do the portraits at 85mm, which takes time or is sometimes impossible, so you'll miss the right moment. With the Sigma you can manage to get a blurred back drop immediately, and there's never a lack of space.

Thank you for your response, which helps me think about lenses.

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