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Hi, am I the only one getting absolutely fed up the the appalling lens hood on the 16-55/f28? This lens costs £999 - yes £1000 pounds in the UK, yet the lens hood is abysmal. It will not go one first time when needed and after 10 months with it I still find it impossible to reverse and store.

Fujifilm - this hood is wholly unworthy of a £1000 red badge lens. Hobby horse over!

So, I just double checked that lens and hood to make sure that I hadn't missed something, but I've owned that lens since not long after its introduction and haven't experienced any unusual fit issues with the hood at all. It fits a bit snugly, as it should to ensure that it stays in place. But I don't feel that I have to wrestle with it either to put it on, take it off, or invert it for storage. I'll be interested to see what others have to say, but honestly this has been a complete non issue for me and have to wonder whether you might perhaps simply have a somewhat more poorly fitting hood.

Thanks and I am glad that for you and others it is a non issue. I bought my 16-55 in Dec 19 and other than the hood it is a superb lens. My hood is just okay to mount, but it simply will not reverse mount. So much so that I am thinking of buying a third party screw in hood. Very disappointed in its design.

Very interesting.  Mine reverse mounts with no issues whatsoever.  I've had the lens for a good while, so some of that may simply be due to use and wear over time.  Still, I don't recall any great difficulties with either a regular or reverse mount during the time that I've owned it (and I purchased it new).  Might be due to tight tolerances affecting a smaller number of units perhaps.

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