EOS R lens recommendations for portrait and street

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Re: EOS R lens recommendations for portrait and street

Sasuke20 wrote:

thank you - I think I will probably get the 135 f2 and I will look at the Samyang. I don't think I could afford the 1.2 but I will look into it more - I'm not sure how much I trust my eyesight for precise focus - but obviously the camera can help out there too.

I think the 1.4 Samyang's are around £500 here for ef and a bit more for af.

I like to shoot portrait too. I own the 135 F2 and it is a great lens, but a little long and no IS. I recently purchased a used 100 F2.8L macro for the slightly shorter FL and IS. Have not tried it on portraits yet but am hopeful I will like it better than the 135 F2. I rarely shoot faster than F2.8 anyway because the DOF is so thin on basically a headshot. I also have an 85 F1.8 and it's OK if you're not wanting to be close enough for a headshot and you're not in a situation where the CA shows up. I recently went from a 5DIII to an RP to get my feet wet with ML, and the eye tracking autofocus is a game changer for portraits. I can focus my attention on the expression and not have to worry about the lens focus. You're going to love the R with whatever lenses you decide on or eventually end up with. My hope is that Canon comes out with a true portrait lens in the RF lineup that is 100-105mm, as I like something between 85 and 135 lengths. I also like having  IS in that range, but will probably end up with a newer body with IBIS sooner or later.

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