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Re: Side hinged LCD ....

Tom Caldwell wrote:

MrALLCAPS wrote:

Your Turn.

Looks like Sony knocked off the GX Series to me...

It's time to show Sony how to do a Full Frame Rangefinder Styled Camera.

Lumix has now 4 DSLR styled bodies now. The fifth has to be Rangefinder Styled.

So for now, I'll hold onto my Z6.

I almost had my pre-order booked ....

But I had a closer look ... side hinged LCD?

This is from Sony who have never had a side hinged LCD in any of their system cameras as far as I know.

The side hinged lcd is a kiss of death for Flat Top (FT) camera bodies. Think Pen-F, GX8....

I don’t know what the manufacturers have been drinking - perhaps marketing have decided that side hinge = “folds inwards and looks cool”. What they forget is that side hinged hangs out the side and look dorky as well as being a confounded nuisance in use.

Nevertheless it will probably sell like hot buns ... but it might have sold better to me with a conventional tilt lcd.

So saved my money again - I will just have to wait for Panasonic to come up with their FT with tilt (maybe). If not then my GX9 will serve me well for years to come - and even the GX7 that I also have is no slouch. The G100 also has side hinge - the industry has gone mad.

Side-hinged is SO much better, because vloggers can see themselves, I can tilt it to the side, so I can shoot portrait orientation from low to the ground or water, and anyone who wants can flip the screen, closing it so that the screen is protected, rather than getting scratched.

I had a Nikon D5000, which had a side-hinged review screen. I LOVED it. When I got a Sony A55, I loved it even more, but I missed the side-hinged Nikon for its side-hinged screen. I'm glad to see Sony finally adding it to a camera. Fully-articulating is the way to go, and the bottom-hinged designs suck for using on a trpod.

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