Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

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Re: Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

Malachi42 wrote:

I'd focus more on the glass than the camera. Five, ten, fifteen years from now, they'll still be using the glass they buy today, assuming they buy quality glass, but they won't be using the camera they buy today.

That is certainly true in my case. I switched to Canon back in 2004, so I have a good collection of EF lenses. Today, I still use all that glass, but I rarely ever use any of the cameras I bought from back then (5D and 20D).

So, I'm going to go off the beaten path and suggest the RP. It's a perfectly capable still photographer's camera that can make use of quality, used EF glass, while opening the door to the RF line up.

Of course, if there are certain features that are absolute requirements, like 50 MP or 12 FPS, then obviously it's not the right camera. But, for anyone who can make do with it's perfectly good capabilities, it's a great gateway camera. The $1500 (R6) to $2400 (R5) you save, for an R-series camera you can actually put your hands on today, can go towards some good quality glass.

Anyway, just another perspective.

Exactly the route I recently took. Bought the RP and a couple of lenses to go along with the EF glass I already have. Coming from a 5DIII and the original 7D. Would like to end up with the R5, but it's too expensive and hard to get right now. Price will come down after a while and I'll have more glass to use on it when I do get it!

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