Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

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Re: Any interest in a fixed focal length camera forum?

deednets wrote:

I understand there is only the Quattro series from 2015. I haven't looked for a long time as from what I understood about those cameras the software was a bit challenging. But have been interested in the Foveon sensor as I found it was an interesting concept.

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Let's face it: a lot of photography enthusiasts and pros dabble with more than just one camera manufacturer. So do I.

I currently have 3 Leica Qs on watch-list on TradeMe (ebay Kiwi-Style) but really would like to get a Q2. So here is my quick question:

Would there be any interest for those who use those Foveon fixed lens camera users to rub noses on a separate forum?

To throw my hat in the ring: I would love to exchange ideas and post images - and likewise would like to see what others can do with just ONE focal length. And: NO, it's not the same to lock your zoom in at 23/28/35/50mm - and then see how you go. It about the gear as much as the challenge of the restrictions, seeing in one particular focal length for instance. If the idea of a fixed focal length camera tickles your fancy you might have dabbled with the idea of another camera, another brand?

Cross-linkink here as I wouldn't assume that every X70/100 user monitors the Open Forum necessarily.

Thanks for your interest - or your "thanks, but no thanks" feedback.

Posted also on the Leica, Fuji and Ricoh fora.


Hi Deed, I don't think I'd end up posting in such a forum. I neither have a fixed focal length forum, like a DP series camera, nor do I really want one. I don't relish the "challenge" of being limited to one focal length again, like I was when I was a kid, with my Kodak Instamatic camera. I hated that I could not get a wider view. When I finally got an SLR with a 50mm lens, I got a 28mm lens, and I changed lenses often. Then, eventually, I got a Tamron 75-300mm f3.5-5.6 zoom lens, with a macro function, and while I didn't find myself using that lens a lot, I was really nice to have it available. Eventually I got a better SLR, with a 35-105mm zoom lens, and I was set for lenses, with my wide-angle, 28mm, normal range 35-105mm, and long range 75-300mm. I've never looked back, wanting to be limited again, though I did try shooting with my Nikon F3hp and a 28mm f2 AIS lens for a little while. I hated being limited like that. It just wasn't fun for me. I know everybody is different though, so there might be a few takers, especially from this forum. It's just not me though.

From another point of view though, I do love the 35mm focal length, even though I often wish the lens was 40mm or 45mm. This is referring to using cameras that have a 35mm equivalent lens. It seems to me the DP2, with its 41mm equivalent lens, is just about perfect, as far as angle of view in a camera with a fixed focal length lens. I have a large format camera, and it has a 50mm equivalent lens. I have a lens for an 8x10 camera too. It's about equivalent to 40mm. I plan to get an 8x10 camera to use that lens. It will be an expensive experiment. I wonder if I'll end up getting a DP2 for visualization purposes or something like that. In that can I might end up browsing or even posting in a fixed focal length forum for one reason or another.

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