A few things missing from the R5 (maybe in future firmware?)

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Re: A few things missing from the R5 (maybe in future firmware?)

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4 - No need microadjustments for mirrorless

Less need, but still useful in some situations: https://cameracal.co.uk/blogs/calibration/mirrorless-cameras-and-lens-calibration

So a company that specializes in calibration tells us we still need to MFA mirrorless bodies

No... they say that lenses might need to be calibrated.

If I remember correctly micro adjustments to lenses was never completely straight forward, you often had to adjust them for example at more than one FL. Ideally you would have to actually adjust the lens for all FLs, and for various focusing distances.

And the whole point was the correct difference in focal plane distance between the sensor and the focusing sensor. But now as we all know they are one and the same.

5 - Register/recall shooting func (Customize buttons) ?

This is not the same. All cameras have custom modes, but what I am specifically referring to is a "panic button" that you can assign to a hot key. This is much faster than turning a dial, and for the purpose, that timing does matter. Which actually brings up a sub-point (not solvable with firmware unfortunately):

5a. Lack of dedicated custom buttons. While Canon does allow assigning of the buttons available to other uses, I generally find that I actually do want the buttons already assigned so would have liked maybe another 2-3 buttons. Although I guess there is a aesthetic trade-off.

6 - I don't understand what you want but exposure compensation dial is need for M mode with Auto ISO

Good point, I had not realized Canon introduced this feature.

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