Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

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Re: Need a sense check on upgrading to full frame

I consider the A6600 to be a consumer trap unless you really, really need IBIS and can't scrape the money together for a refurb A7III.  The A6400 offers most of its features at a much lower price point.

The 28-200mm is an 18-135mm on steroids in every way, and you could pick up the Samyang 18mm F2.8 as an upgrade for the Sammy 12mm.  Sigma also offers a 100-400mm lens that is very sharp for less than a huge price.

That said, you have to figure out what upgrades are worth the money. Battery life isn't a big deal for A6X00 cameras (batteries are tiny), though I feel that the new AF tracking would be worth an A6300 upgrade.  Still, it would be frustrating to buy into an old sensor and crippled/old card slot in 2020.

Personally I'm looking at the A7RIII / Sammy 18mm F2.8 / Tamron 28-200mm F2.8-5.6 / Sammy 45mm of 35mm F1.8. After renting the A7RIII and 28-200mm, the combo is a HUGE upgrade over the A6400 and 18-135mm for IQ, but at a high cost.  The A7RIII's tracking isn't as good as the A6400's, but overall it's a more versatile platform.

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