Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

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Re: Canon RF 50mm f/1.8 pancake?

Jx9 wrote:

This is the lens I'm still waiting for. Based on the patent, it looks to be about 1.2" (vs the 40mm pancake that's 0.9"). I wonder if they're delaying it due to the loss in sales of the 50 1.2 that'll most definitely happen to some degree. I mean, I'd consider getting the 50 1.2 right now if there was no 1.8 pancake rumor.

You might be the only person where it's a coin toss as to whether they want a $2300 uber f1.2 prime or a cheap f1.8.

I don't see anything about a pancake. In theory, with the flange distance, it could be a little longer than 30mm in length, which is very small. But I'd expect it to be more like the RF 35mm in size or Sony's FE 50mm 1.8 in size.

(Actually just checked the link to the Patents and it describes a few configurations at around 60mm in length, so basically what I surmised above)

If you want a cheap 50mm today, the 50mm STM on the EF adapter is very light and compact and it's easy to find at $100.

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