Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

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Re: Relative value new R MICL vs old DSLR

We went through this same sort of decision tree (likely with lots more angst and waffling!) before becoming early adopters to the R line.  I learned long ago that in my world of buying crazy expensive lasers you bet first on the people (canon), then on the glass / architecture (RF system) and last on the software.  I decided on the RF system because i felt a gamble on Canon was safer than Nikon and Sony, partly because i did not understand Nikons initial lens roadmap and the Sony's were established in a e-mount system and i think that the RF and Z systems have more design space available.  I have a 24-105L, 15-35L and EF100-400mk2 and could not complain if i was paid to.  So i guess i bet on canon and RF with the rest just picking a body that seemed to fit our needs.

interesting conversation.

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