Custom White Balance with XT-3 for video

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Re: Custom White Balance with XT-3 for video

chillipalmer wrote:

Hi everybody,

So I'm shooting 4k Eterna and Flog video on the XT-3 in a controlled lighting studio environment. I'm color grading on Resolve, and I want to make sure my colors and white balance are as accurate as possible before I apply a look. But:

At the moment I use custom white balance in camera set to a white piece of paper. I am considering 'upgrading' the paper to a proper white balance card. This leads me to all the usual arguing on internet forums about whether to use a grey card vs. a white one. I don't really care what I use, as long as it makes my colors accurate and my grading easier. What should I get?

One of the problems I have with Fuji custom white balance is I have to fill the square with the white/grey. So shooting with prime lenses, I have to set up the shot and the lights, but then move the camera closer to the white paper so I can set the custom white balance correctly. Is this right? I always feel weird doing it, and wonder if there's a way I can set the white balance without ruining the setup. The alternative is to move the paper closer to the camera, but then the paper is going to be in a different lighting situation to the subject, and this seems like an obviously bad idea.

Given this problem of moving the camera, it seems that a bigger white balance card is better, so I should avoid all those small passport style white balance cards. Any ideas on what to look for, or other solutions which will help in this situation? Thanks.

Yeah I was having the same issue. On my Panasonic G85 it's a small square that can be easily  be filled but on the X-T3 it's a much bigger one. Initially I had a small cheap amazon collapsable card that was all wrinkled so I don't think it gave me good results.

Instead I bought one from B&H Impact QuikBalance Collapsible 22" Gray PanelI find that this is a good size for me and now I don't have to reposition my camera or zoom. It even comes with a manual

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