Birds: Lawyer in a Poorly Focused Chromathon!

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Re: Birds: Lawyer in a Poorly Focused Chromathon!

Bassam Guy wrote:

I don't have anything longer than 60mm except my $99 "plastic [not so] fantastic" 40-150. I've never really tried avian photography before but would like to get some decent shots (unlike these) when the opportunity arises.

I used C-AF+TR. In retrospect, since the Turkey Lawyer refused to fly despite my pleas. Would S-AF have done better? MF, Peaking or Magnify or both?

I exposed for the lawyer, dressed in dark suits against a bright cloudy sky (some meteorologists say it is smoke remnants from CA in Northern VA). Was +2 and +2.5 EV too much and encouraged the chroma?

I'm not great at judging distance but I would say I was about 35+ meters away.

Pretty intense purple fringing. Lightroom has an effective one-click remover and I'm sure other software has, too. That should not be hard to control.

Never use C-AF+tr myself, preferring standard C-AF or S-AF. In this instance, S-AF is fine because your attorney isn't going anywhere until you pay your bill [get it?] and S-AF+magnify will allow you to tweak focus. Plus, you want to stop down the lens a bit and it will sharpen; also, raise shutter speed to freeze the flapping about (you're below ISO200). It's a good lens within its realm but the 40-150 Pro is leagues better. As it should be at 10X the price.

Plastic 40-150+cooperative deer

Keep experimenting!


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