Create "Classic Negative" on smartphone

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Create "Classic Negative" on smartphone

Hello everyone
I'm sharing the classic negative shades I made here

Since I have been looking forward to the XT30 update, the simulation of classic negative films can be added
But the recent small update is just to fix some bugs. I’m disappointed.
I want to say otherwise I can see if I can make a similar feeling on my phone
At least the mobile phone can be directly used for shooting, instead of waiting for the official classic negative simulation, I don’t know how long to wait.

I spent a lot of time today to adjust. It is roughly similar, but the detailed comparison is actually a bit different (the highlight and shadow colors are more obvious, but when the white balance is moved, the other colors will change. I will skip it. These small differences)

I use Lightroom on iPhone
The original image was modified using the provia mode of xt30 (I originally wanted to use the photo taken with the iphone as the base, but the color and color temperature are somewhat different from that of the Fuji camera. For convenience, I took the photo with the digital camera as the base to adjust and later adjust this. (The settings applied to the photos taken by the iphone can also have a similar taste)

The following video puts my settings

There is also a comparison with XT30 using Capture One to apply classic negatives
I hope you will like it

(Sorry for my bad English)

XT30 Provia

XT30 Classic Negative by Capture One

Create "Classic Negative" on smartphone

Shot by iphone

Shot by iphone (Apply my settings )

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