Switching from Canon 6d to Sony A7, needing advices about adaptor

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Re: Switching from Canon 6d to Sony A7, needing advices about adaptor

There are two main good adapters: the Sigma MC-11 and the Metabones T IV or V.

The Metabones runs about $400. The Sigma about $250, but $150 when it's on sale, which it often is.

There are two levels of functionality from these adapters.

The basic functionality (called Green Mode on the Metabones) provides the same functionality as Sony's LA-EA3 does for A mount SAM/SSM lenses. On an A7III this means:

1. Fast PDAF

2. Eye AF

3. Several focus areas, but no lock on or tracking

4. 3 FPS continuous shooting with AF between frames

The Metabones also has an advanced mode which is similar to the Sigma when used with specific Sigma lenses (Sigma Global Vision lenses). This mode provides native emulation functionality, unlocking AF in video, fast CDAF and hybrid AF, immediate aperture stop down while composing, 10 FPS continuous shooting with AF between frames, lock on AF and tracking, cooperative stabilization (IBIS + ILIS), etc.

The Sigma native emulation reportedly works overall better than Advanced Mode, which makes sense since Sigma knows their lenses and isn't reverse engineering them. Metabones continues to update Advanced Mode for other Canon lenses, though, and there are some lenses that it works quite well with.

If your lenses are well supported for Advanced Mode, you might want to go for the Metabones. If they're not, or if you have some Sigma GV lenses, the MC-11 may be the better choice.

There are also a bunch of less expensive adapters. These generally support only the basic LA-EA3 level of functionality, and may have other issues. There are probably some that provide good basic functionality for around $100, but, with the MC11 being $150 on sale, I'm not sure that's worth it. The build quality of the MC-11 is very good.

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