Pool Break Time - Yard Life (9/25/20)

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Pool Break Time - Yard Life (9/25/20)

Just because I'm trying to stay current and somewhat caught up on wildlife, and I've got more wetlands to continue with, but also had some yard life shot in between...might as well do a post with some of the backyard wildlife shot after several of the wetlands days.  This post will be from 3-4 different weekend days - just a handful of shots taken from my swimming pool after a hot day in the wetlands...all shot with the A6600 - most with the 200-600mm except a few with the 100-400mm which I will note in the descriptions.

All are, as usual, posted at 1800 pixels on the long side if you click the originals.  Beck to the wetlands for the next set:

A young mockingbird on my deck had struck down a bee in flight, but then dropped it on the deck - not sure if it stung him, but he seemed determined to still try to eat it

As the bee tried to walk away, he'd peck at it, sometimes picking it up, but then dropping it quickly

The bee would roll over or curl up, and as soon as the backside showed, the mockingbird would get upset and start flapping his wings as if to try to roll it back over

Eventually it gave up, went up into my hibiscus, and started looking for other things to eat.  The bee, although uneaten, didn't make it

One more shot of the young mockingbird

In the same popular hibiscus tree, a mourning dove sitting in the sun, waiting for a clearing at the nearby feeder

Out by the fenceline and under the shade of a big banyan tree, this young green iguana was feasting on the leaves of the smaller hibiscus (100-400)

Not really concerned about being photographed while he ate - he'd chew down a leaf, and reach out for another (100-400)

A chubby girl squirrel...not sure if this one might be pregnant - the belly would hang quite low as the walked

She had stuffed her mouth full of sunflower seeds, but that wasn't enough - she grabbed a few more and tried to carry them against her chest - she never could figure out how to walk while holding them though

She eventually gave up carrying the extras and left them on top of the planter

A young northern cardinal trying to stand on palm frond leaves - and having quite a bit of difficulty as they're not exactly rigid or strong!  Youngsters have to learn things in the real world

A barn swallow buzzing over the pool at their usual Mach 5 speed setting

Continuing the oddball summer of spotting European starlings around my yard - I can count on one hand the number of starlings I've photographed in 17 years in my yard - until this year - there have been probably over a dozen

A young downy woodpecker came down from the high trees to check out the hibiscus for any unwary bugs or larvae that didn't require so much hole drilling to get at

Comments, questions, and critique welcomed as ever.

Hopefully this little break from the wetlands shots will make the wetlands shots feel fresh again when I get back to them.  I've got just a bit more left from Peaceful Waters, then I will start posting the stuff from my 'usual' two wetlands again.

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