A few things missing from the R5 (maybe in future firmware?)

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Re: A few things missing from the R5 (maybe in future firmware?)

PMUK wrote:

Hi MinAZ,

MinAZ wrote:

So I've had a chance to play more with the R5. I will say that I am very happy with it and there's no going back, but I'm not ditching my Sony A7RIV just yet. Well for one thing there are just a few niggly things that I think Canon should have addressed in a prosumer-level camera that are in the latest Sony cameras, and I'm not talking about anything related to heat or temperature. Here is a small list and hopefully these things will be added in a future firmware update:

1. Inability to set AF memory point (AF point registration). I mean WTH? This has been in every Canon and for some reason its missing in this one... On a related note, not being able to set AF registration pt obv means you can't toggle to it too, and that's a real shame.

This isn't an issue (for me, although I fully accept it is for some).

2. Inability to save camera settings for import/export. Canon does have C1-C3 modes, but if you want to set up a second/third camera or the day you upgrade to the R5 Mark II, you won't be able to export settings for import later. Many other camera mfgs have implemented this rather simple feature, no reason Canon cannot...

Totally agree the ability to back-up (and transfer) camera settings should be provided. (I'd like this on my Sony too, although with that I can save some MR settings to an SD card).

3. No ability to toggle between AUTO and Initial AF point. Right now you can sorta go around this by using the Single Shot vs Servo trick, but ideally you should be able to without a workaround.

Not a big issue (for me, maybe more so for some), but as you say, there is a workaround.

4. It looks like they got rid of lens focusing microadjustments. I'm not sure that's such a great idea honestly...

I wasn't aware micro adjustment was necessary (or even do-able) with mirrorless systems?

It can be useful under some circumstances...


5. No ability to toggle camera settings for different scenes. For example, on the Sony you can program a button to instantly bring up f/8 1/500 infinity focus continuous AF bust, or just about any other combination of settings, which is great for street photography or any "oh s!@#" situation where you just need to bring up default settings. Closest in Canon is to use an AUTO mode, but that's not really the same thing.

I have my M-Fn button set up to cycle Current-C1-C2-C3 Modes and this works for me. (My Sony does allow for a 'recall of settings button' and this has occasionally proved useful).

This is about as good as it gets, and granted many people will find this sufficient. I can only say that with the Sony A7RIV and later, the ability to put a button near the thumb that on press, changes to a setting I KNOW will get the shot, and releasing the button instantly reverts back to what I was doing before, is still infinitely better than toggling modes. But as you say, not everyone needs this.

6. Not fantastic implementation of the dials. The only way you can set up custom dials is for manual mode, and in that particular case, you have 4 dials (including the one on the RF lens) for 3 functions - because, WTH do you need exposure compensation dial for in manual??? This part of the whole thing boggles my mind - you might find a use for the exposure compensation dial in any mode other than manual but the custom settings default to manual mode. If you weren't in manual anyway, your rear wheel is exposure compensation and you have 4 dials for 2 functions...

In Manual Mode I often use Auto ISO and with this EC is enabled (and is useful - to me).

I just learned this today...

7. No Zebras in stills mode. I find this very useful with my Sony and wish Canon would enable this (I missed it with my R and am missing it with my R5). Come on Canon!!

8. The ability to customise any button to any function (where the mechanics allow it), in particular the Rate button. (My Sony also has some - but less - limitations in this respect).

I have often wondered why this is. It's really baffling tbh, and I am sure it made sense to the engineer who designed it that way, at least at the time he did it.


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