A few things missing from the R5 (maybe in future firmware?)

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Re: A few things missing from the R5 (maybe in future firmware?)

User6100568601 wrote:

4 - No need microadjustments for mirrorless

Less need, but still useful in some situations: https://cameracal.co.uk/blogs/calibration/mirrorless-cameras-and-lens-calibration

5 - Register/recall shooting func (Customize buttons) ?

This is not the same. All cameras have custom modes, but what I am specifically referring to is a "panic button" that you can assign to a hot key. This is much faster than turning a dial, and for the purpose, that timing does matter. Which actually brings up a sub-point (not solvable with firmware unfortunately):

5a. Lack of dedicated custom buttons. While Canon does allow assigning of the buttons available to other uses, I generally find that I actually do want the buttons already assigned so would have liked maybe another 2-3 buttons. Although I guess there is a aesthetic trade-off.

6 - I don't understand what you want but exposure compensation dial is need for M mode with Auto ISO

Good point, I had not realized Canon introduced this feature.

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