Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

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Re: Whats the future of analog with no new cameras?

SLN001 wrote:

tesla23 wrote:

Again, these cameras are decades old and most can’t even be serviced! As an analog shooter, this concerns me, especially because the prices have went up ridiculously because of this.

Cannot be serviced? Possibly the examples you cited, but not analog cameras as a group

As another counter example - this ( https://www.ppprepairs.co.uk/press ) is someone who has recently  started up offering camera  repairs  and does repair things like the Contax T2


I recently had a Canon VL2 rangefinder serviced in the Detroit area. Just this Labor Day I bought a beautiful Canon L1 rangefinder from Japan off eBay. The camera had been CLAd in Japan last January, and the seller provided the shop receipt with the body. (Yes, it was in Japanese but I have a friend who's wife grew up in Japan, and she was kind enough to confirm the information on the document.

There are millions of non-electronic cameras floating around the planet that can be repaired (if necessary) and will provide excellent service for another 50 years. At my age, I am certainly not worried beyond that range.

The sources of repair in the U.S. and Europe are on a downslope, but they still exist. There are many more to be found in Asia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, etc. where the sole proprietor specialist shops are more prevalent.

I am certainly not concerned over losing technical support for my manual cameras in my lifetime. If you need auto-focus, auto-aperture, etc. in your analog camera that might bother you. I'm happy with fully mechanical bodies that don't need a battery.

The range of available, functional, and capable analog bodies is not limited to the last, electronic, production designs.

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