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The experts say you can eat any mushroom once. (Once is all some people get though)!

Never found a chicken of the woods, found a few shrimp and bought a lobster, lots of agaricus augustus my favorite and chanterelles and a few others I've forgotten.  Been way to dry around here to have many mushrooms this year.

Here's an excellent reference available in both the UK and the US:

tagscuderia wrote:

Mushroom season came early to NW England, I found a huge crop of chicken of the woods in some local woodland in June! I made 2 risottos; first time cooking with it but obviously it's unmistakable − as long as it's not growing on a birch (absorbs toxins from the tree) then it's edible*.

The orange really is incredible, an exciting find.

*don't hold me to that, that's just what one book stated!Oak is definitely safe though, I've tested that one

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