Nikon D5300 with Sigma 10mm f2.8 fish eye lens AF not working

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Re: Nikon D5300 with Sigma 10mm f2.8 fish eye lens AF not working

pforsell wrote:

Bitse wrote:

Hi all,

I recently purchased used Sigma 10mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM Fish eye lens for my Nikon d5300. Lens looks clean but when I connect with device in AF mode the motor is not working. I did googling and found Sigma lens has some problem with Nikon body but not sure whether that's affecting or lens itself has any issue with Auto Focus.

Manual fosus works but when I select Auto Focus, unable to press the shutter button.

I tried other AF Nikon lens and all looks working.

Anyone facing simar issue?

Sigma has tried to reverse engineer Nikon lens communications protocol for 30 years and this is what always happens, time after time.

There's an old Sigma admission of incompatibility concerning that camera model too:

Perhaps Sigma can fix the lens? Good luck.

Thanks for the Article. I tried to do some research and all ended up with Firmware issue.

Weird part is its working in AF-C mode with Auto Focus in lens.

I tried to connect with Sigma USB dock to see whether anything can be done but its not detecting.

I asked Sigma for this and they asking to send this for free estimation. Since, I bought this lens from 3rd party as used for $250 don't have any warranty docs. Not sure how Sigma going to treat on charges.

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